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Former City of San Dimas Parks and Recreation Director Files Claim Against City for Damages Surrounding False Claims

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February 22, 2021

San Dimas, CA – Hector Kistemann, former Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, has filed a claim against the City of San Dimas after suddenly being placed on administrative leave last October.

Kistemann, who has since resigned from his position as a result of the damages caused by the actions of the City, was not only escorted out of his office but given no information regarding the nature of the administrative investigation for nearly four months.

The claim, filed on January 28, 2021, outlines the various violations of Kistemann’s employment as well as the loss of reputation, emotional distress, and financial damages caused by the City of San Dimas.

False and damaging rumors of allegations surrounding financial impropriety surfaced and were part of a list that was finally provided to Kistemann by the City early last week. Coincidently, Kistemann had recently expressed his concerns over financial misdeeds by others in the organization associated with RFP’s, bids, contracts, and other operations that were against City municipal codes and policies. One recent example is an item approved under the consent calendar for the November 24, 2020, City Council meeting.

The item in question, ‘Consent Item 4E,’ titled, Award Construction Contract to Re-roof Specified/Portions of San Dimas Recreation Center was unanimously approved by the Council based on incorrect information and withholding of details to justify the request, based on Kistemann’s firsthand knowledge of the project. As mandated by the Municipal Code and Public Contract Code, the City’s bidding procedure was not properly followed – allowing City staff to award the contract to their contractor of choice. Furthermore, the project was not included in the 2020-21 approved budget, which is posted on the City’s website.

It is clear by the way the City handled this situation from the beginning that they had an agenda. I am confident that I have not been involved in any misconduct during my employment. It is unfortunate that the residents are the ones ultimately paying the consequences of their unfair and improper practices through the way they have handled this situation, as well as the lack of transparency and honesty in which their administration is run.”

-Hector Kistemann

During his tenure with the City of San Dimas, Kistemann took pride in his accomplishments through the various events, activities, and programs he played a role in developing. He never received an evaluation, informal or formal disciplinary action, nor had anything in his personnel file regarding allegations of misconduct, financial misdeeds, or insubordination. He had the same pattern of success, professionalism, and integrity throughout his 26-year career, where he worked for a total of four cities.

Kistemann is being represented by attorney Ronald Vera from the Law Offices of Vera & Barbosa in Claremont.

Timothy Pagano, Recreation Manager at the City of San Dimas was also placed on administrative leave under similar circumstances immediately following Kistemann and has since retained Ronald Vera’s services; no claim has been filed at this time.

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