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Implement Digital Marketing Video Services to Strengthen Connection With Potential Clients

Written By Digital Law Media

Media Relations and Digital Marketing for Law Firms and Law Suits

October 12, 2020

With over 1.3 million attorneys in the United States, how do you plan on setting yourself apart? Although being an attorney is the key role, marketing your skills, credentials, and performance to a wider audience is a vital part in attaining more clients and revenue. This task can be completed by utilizing video services to digitally market yourself and your law firm.

It’s important to utilize video services in todays digital landscape to connect with not only an audience, but to connect with potential clients. When a client performs a general Google search for attorneys, millions of results will be provided and a large majority of attorneys lack a video presence online. Oftentimes, potential clients are too timid and unsure of making contact with an attorney due to the lack of connection and genuine attentiveness they may be receiving. To bridge this gap, implementing video services to digitally market yourself or your law firm will allow the client to make a sound connection and increase their understanding of services that are offered.

According to, “Around 96% of people that are seeking legal advice usually begin their search online. Also, more than 87% of professionals are using video as a marketing tool, so why should attorneys be left out?” Not only will implementing video services into your marketing strategy pay off by forging a connection, but it’ll also assist in educating potential clients and strength brand awareness.

Unsure of how to get started? It’s much simpler than you may think. Begin your digital marketing era by simply generating a video, giving clients the opportunity to get to know who you are, what your credentials are, what legal services you offer, an FAQ, followed by a call to action…easing them into the process and making them feel comfortable from the very beginning.

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